December 12, 2017

A home for all ages

Construction has started on a house set to change how older people live, underpinned by a set of design principles developed by DTA Executive Director, Professor Richard Fleming.

Hands and minds get to work building a home for all ages.

Wollongong tertiary and vocational students have started construction on a sustainable house that is set to change the way older people live.

“The design aims to change the way the world views homes for the elderly with a house that is architecturally inspiring, celebrates life and is adaptable to an ageing person’s needs,”
Project Manager Clayton McDowel

The house’s building plans are underpinned by a set of design principles developed by UOW’s Professor Richard Fleming, based on his work with the elderly for more than 30 years, as well as innovations developed at UOW’s Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC).

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