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Behaviour & Dementia

Understanding and managing behaviour

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Understand behaviour and causes that influence behaviour

Words are not the only way we communicate. The way we behave also conveys significant meaning.

For people living with dementia, changes in behaviour may be a way of communicating anxiety, discomfort, pain, or boredom in situations where they may not be able to tell you how, why or what they are feeling or experiencing. There can be many reasons why a person living with dementia may behave in a way that is challenging for them and those who are providing care and support.

Understanding the causes and positively responding to changes in behaviour can be complex and challenging for staff. At DTA, we have developed a range of programs based on decades of behavioral research and the long experience of professionals in the field.

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Getting Started

Our suite of recommended online training courses will help your staff understand behaviours and factors that influence a change in behaviours.

These courses are designed to assist your staff/you in identifying causes of behaviour change and gain confidence in positively responding to a person living with dementia. The courses also provide guidance on how to improve wellbeing, confidently assist when a person is communicating distress through behaviour and manage and de-escalate behaviours that are challenging.

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