Care Setting: Residential Aged Care

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Online module

Communication strategies

This module provides an overview of the communication changes usually experienced by people living with dementia and explains some simple strategies to help you communicate effectively with them when they are in your care.

Online module

A person-centred approach to care

This module will help you to focus on the person with dementia while understanding how their disease is impacting on them.

Online module

The brain and dementia

This module introduces you to the changes that occur in the brain of a person with dementia and the impact of these changes on the person.

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Treatment and management of pain

This module raises awareness of the importance of individualised treatments, based on information gained from the comprehensive assessment. Better understand the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of treatment interventions.

Online module

Assessment of pain

This module presents a practical and systematic approach to conducting a comprehensive pain assessment.

Online module

Recognition of Pain

This module presents an overview of pain in people living with dementia and the recognition of pain in the absence of the ability to self-report