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Case Study – Medication Management Consultancy

Case Study: Baptistcare Dryandra

Embracing best practice and reducing the use of antipsychotic medications for responsive behaviours

Baptistcare’s Dryandra aged care facility in Kellerberrin, a regional community in Western Australia, successfully completed DTA’s first MMC in August 2018.

Following the MMC, there was a marked improvement in the alignment of care with current principles of best practice in management of antipsychotic medications.

Kate Fulford, a Pharmacist, worked alongside staff members at Dryandra throughout the consultancy and is very pleased with the outcome.

“It has been really exciting working with Baptistcare Dryandra, they are the first residential aged care facility to commence a medication management consultancy and the staff were very enthusiastic about improving their knowledge on the appropriate management of medications used to support people with dementia”, Kate said.

Dryandra staff members

“The consultancy aims to strengthen bonds between professions to utilise knowledge and skills from a wide range of people, and this is something the Dryandra staff have embraced and excelled in”.

” Throughout the consultancy process it has been inspiring to observe the nursing and care staff grow in their capacity to be an integral part of the monitoring process of antipsychotic therapy, ultimately strengthening the adherence to best practice guidelines which has no doubt improved the quality of care for their residents. “

– Kate Fulford, Pharmacist

star in box iconDTA offers the Medication Management Consultancy along with a range of other consultancies and educational services through Tailored Training Programs (TTP’s). TTP’s aim to bring about sustainable change within organisations to improve the wellbeing of people living with dementia and the staff who care for them.

DTA’s Medication Management Consultancy

Our evidence-based service aims to embed knowledge and processes within an organisation to optimise and reduce the number of antipsychotic medications used to support people with responsive behaviours.

Our Medication Management Consultancy has seen as much as a 60% reduction in antipsychotic medications prescribed within residential aged care facilities across Australia.

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