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A dementia-friendly environment is enjoyable and meaningful, taking into account a person’s lifestyle, background and interests, as well as being familiar and recognisable.

Built environments should be based on the key design principles to best support people living with dementia.


We help organisations create dementia-friendly environments

Designing for people with dementia (DPD) service

Our award-winning DPD service provides on-site education, assessment and advice to organisations in acute, residential and community settings across Australia.

We can discuss how to use your existing environment more effectively, help you plan a new facility or refurbish your existing one.

Our expert consultants will travel to you, and give priority to organisations located in rural and regional Australia.

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Tailored Training Packages (TTPs)

An environmental assessment may be available to your organisation as part of a Tailored Training Package. This assessment includes a detailed discussion of evidence-based dementia design principles, an assessment of your facility or plan, and recommendations for improvement.

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