May 21, 2021

DTA in the news

A carer supporting a senior citizen who is sitting in a wheelchair within an aged care residential setting

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) is pleased to see its innovative work with the dementia care workforce being profiled by media outlets across Australia.

Inside Ageing’s Roseanne Barrett has written a detailed report on DTA’s webinar, ‘How do we provide best care for those living in aged care? Let’s ask them!’.

In the webinar Dr Kristiana Ludlow from Macquarie University presented key findings from her recent study, which explored how residents living in aged care facilities prioritise their care needs. Read the full article at Inside_Ageing_Respect-independence    

Over 300 people attended the public webinar, which is one of 7 offered so far in 2021. For time-poor health and aged care staff, the webinars are an accessible way to learn more about the latest research. 

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In April, 9News Perth reported on new virtual reality technology developed by DTA to help care staff walk in the shoes of a person living with dementia. 

The technology is used within DTA-led workshops (titled ‘Meaningful Spaces’), which focus on medication management and the impact of good design for people living with dementia. The workshops are aimed at health and aged care staff. 

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Dr Ludlow’s study, ‘Aged care residents’ prioritization of care: A mixed‐methods study’ appeared in the Health Expectations journal and is available to access here.



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