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Launch of a new design resource for hospital wards

Various Dates
Between Wednesday 2 December, 2020 and Wednesday 2 December, 2020


For many people living with dementia hospital is a challenging setting due to the busy, unfamiliar and stressful nature of the environment.

The Environments Team at Dementia Training Australia (DTA) is launching an addition to its suite of Environmental Design Resources. This new audit tool, the EAT-Acute Care, focuses on acute care settings. It has been developed to enable a systematic review of ward environments and the creation of better hospital environments for patients living with dementia. This new audit tool will allow you to have a systematic conversation about the strengths and weaknesses of the ward environment and then help you identify ways to make improvements, from simple and easy fixes, to planning for renovations or new builds. Join Kirsty Bennett, Architect and Ash Osborne, Senior Consultant, for a webinar on the impact of acute hospital environments on people living with dementia, an introduction to the new resources and how to access Commonwealth funded DTA services. Objectives:
  • Understand the relationship between the hospital environment and a patient living with dementia
  • Introduction to the content and use of the new Environmental Assessment Tool – Acute Care (EAT-Acute Care)
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of an acute care environment accommodating patients living with dementia
Duration - 45 mins

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