Environments Consultancy – Foundation: Helping Hand Carinya

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A series of onsite and online sessions with and Environmental Design Educator, exclusively available for your team.

You will have 2 onsite visits from our Environmental Design Educator followed by online support as needed:

Session 4: Assessment Workshop (2 hours) aims to support learners to:

  • decide on an environment for a change project; 
  •       assess the chosen environment, using an evidence-based environmental assessment tool 

Session 5: Action Planning Workshop (2 hours) aims to support learners to:

  •  use the outcome of the assessment process to set priorities/goals and discuss barriers to implement the change.
  • collaborate with the Action group to commence a plan for change.

Follow-up support sessions (online) supports the Change Champion to:

  • Finalise the action plan using the Action Plan template.

Learning outcomes:

Learners will be able to:

  •  assess an existing environment with an evidence-based assessment
  • establish priorities and goals for action as part of an Action Group
  • create strategies within an action plan that apply the Design Principles

Environments Consultancy - Foundation will attract a total of ? hours CPD.

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