Environments Introduction – Banksia Village

Virtual Classroom


A series of zoom sessions with an Environments Facilitator, to help you identify opportunities for evidence based environmental changes to your site.

Learners will be guided through completion of the "Creating Supportive Environments" online course.

A series of 3 Zoom sessions will be provided to expand on the material in each module of the online course so that you can apply design principles and tools whilst having opportunity to engage with an Environmental Design Specialist. Each session will promote engagement via interactive activities and discussion.

How it will work:
1. Attend Introductory Session
2. Complete Module 1 of "Creating Supportive Environments" online course
3. Attend Session 1
4. Complete Module 2 of "Creating Supportive Environments" online course
5. Attend Session 2
6. Complete Module 3 of "Creating Supportive Environments" online course
7. Then if you are interested, we can arrange an onsite workshop at your site.  Contact your course facilitator for more information.

Learning outcomes:

Ability to explain why the environment matters with an underpinning of knowledge and understanding of:

  • What dementia is, and how it affects an individual’s function and daily life.

  • How the built environment affects a person’s perception and behaviour.

  • Analysing the impact of a room on social activity and perception.

  • Applying the design principles to the working environment to identify strengths and opportunities for change.

Continuing Professional Development

"Environments Introduction" will attract a total of 6.25 hours CPD. 4 hours of CPD will be provided via completion of the online course. An additional certificate of 6.25hours will be given to learners who complete all 3 zoom sessions within "Environments Introduction".

Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 1 5


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