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Guest Lecture, Webinar
The Double Closet: LGBTI People and Dementia

November 26, 2020


2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Perth's first Pride Parade - much has changed, but the past still casts long shadows. LGBTI elders have experienced a lifetime of discrimination and are very likely to avoid mentioning their identity to service providers, anticipating that disclosure will lead to poor service. Dementia greatly complicates the picture as LGBTI people living with dementia are liable to lose the refined tools which have kept them safe, exposing them to heightened risks. Meanwhile care providers face their own cultural challenges as they grapple with ageist erotophobia, hetero-normativity and residual homophobia and transphobia, potentially effecting covert or inadvertent discrimination. Please join DTA and special guest June Lowe, as we come together during the celebration of PrideFEST 2020 to acknowledge and support the rights of the LGBTI community and share with you practical ways in which the aged-care and health-care sectors can provide culturally safe services for LGBTI elders.

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