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Guest Lecture
How do we provide best care for those living in aged care? Let’s ask them!

April 22, 2021
National Guest Lecture


We think we know best, but do we? Only an individual truly knows their own care needs.

Person Centred Care has long been talked about, using a variety of labels, as best practice in supporting older adults, including those living with dementia.

In a recent research study led by Macquarie University, residents in several aged care homes were asked to identify and prioritise their most important care needs. Factors influencing these decisions, and the challenges staff members faced in meeting these needs were also explored.

In this presentation, Dr Kristiana Ludlow shares with us the key findings of Macquarie’s study, along with details of the top three care needs identified by participants. We also hear from Felicity Beaulieu, Bethanie’s Chief Operating Officer, as she shares real life examples of person centred care, and offers advice on how staff can begin using the key principles of this care approach in their practice.

  • Understand what is most important to aged care residents about their care
  • Learn about the challenges and barriers to providing person centred care in an aged care setting
  • Discover some practical examples of person centred care in a residential care environment

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Dr Kristiana Ludlow

Honorary Postdoctoral Research Fellow Macquarie University

Dr Kristiana Ludlow has been working in health services research for the past six years, with a focus on the aged care sector. Her areas of expertise include residential aged care, health systems improvement efforts, person-centred care, co-design, missed care, and prioritisation. She is passionate about improving the care delivered to older adults, particularly those living in residential aged care facilities.

Felicity Beaulieu presenter headshot
Felicity Beaulieu

Chief Operating Officer (Residential) Bethanie

Felicity Beaulieu has worked in health as a clinician, manager and leader for 30 years. After graduating as an Occupational Therapist from Curtin University and spending the majority of her career in acute care environments in Australia, the UK and Canada, she moved into the aged care arena 11 years ago. Her focus is building sustainable organisations and improving services available for aged care clients in both community and residential aged care, integrating meaningful ageing into every aspect of service delivery.

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