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Introduction to the HDS-R and the Possibility Oriented Approach to care planning (18Jun21 Bentley, WA)

June 18, 2021
Bentley (WA)


Introduction to the HDS-R and the Possibility Oriented Approach to care planning

The Hierarchic Dementia Scale - Revised (HDS-R) is a reliable, validated assessment tool that assesses 20 different cognitive dimensions to determine remaining abilities of a person with cognitive impairment. Combined with the Possibility Oriented Approach to care planning, it provides a unique person-centred approach to supporting the person living with dementia.

This interactive workshop commences with a brief introduction to dementia and then focuses on the HDS-R, what it is, how to use it, and in combination with the Possibility Oriented Approach, how to create a meaningful care plan for someone living with dementia.

* Cost-free. This event is funded by the Australian Government.

  • Understand the underpinning theory of the HDS-R
  • Demonstrate ability to conduct an assessment of a person with dementia using the HDS-R
  • Combine the results of HDS-R assessments with a Possibility Oriented Approach to provide person-centred interventions

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Jackie Reynolds

Jackie is an OT with over 17 years of clinical experience, 12 of those years spent working in aged care. As well as earning a Cert IV in Dementia Practice, Jackie also has her Cert IV in Training and Assessment, and has provided workshops throughout the state for Baptistcare on risk enablement and the Montessori approach. Jackie is currently self-employed working as a consultant.

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