Meaningful Engagement Workshop 2 – St Vincents Care Carseldine

13 Dec 2023
St Vincents Care Services Carseldine


A six-hour workshop aimed at assisting staff to adopt strategies that promote engagement that is meaningful and purposeful.

Meaningful engagement can enhance wellbeing for people living with dementia. Regardless of the severity of dementia, the person remains capable of participating in activities and meaningful interactions. In this workshop, meaningful engagement will be explored in relation to:

  •         a contemporary definition
  •          the impact of dementia
  •          the attributes of activity and engagement
  •         getting the right fit between the activity, the persons preference and ability
  •         providing opportunities for engagement
  •          knowing when a person is engaged or disengaged.




Learning Outcomes

By completing this session participants will be able to:

  •          Define meaningful engagement and what a person can be meaningfully engaged with.
  •          Identify the impact of dementia on meaningful engagement
  •         Describe the attributes of meaningful engagement
  •          Recognise the right fit between the activity, the persons preference and ability
  •         Identify the opportunities for engagement in your workplace that could be provided for people with dementia
  •          Recognise when a person with dementia is meaningfully engaged


Event Schedule

13 Dec

Meaningful Engagement Workshop

Contact Person: Marie-Anne Schull
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