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Sexualities and Dementia

March 30, 2021
Hosted online via Zoom


Sexual expression is a part of life no matter what age we are and therefore older people living with dementia also need to be considered.

In an aged care context, this can be a confronting and challenging issue for service providers and health professionals Responses can be reactive rather than proactive, with many staff not knowing what to do. There are beliefs that older people are asexual, and that sexual needs and behaviour is only for those who are “cognitively intact”. There can also be a lack of regard for non-heterosexual people living with dementia. There is no singular orthodox approach in responding to sexual behaviour in people living with dementia. However, we should empower them in their own decision-making process as much as possible.
Who Should attend?
Health professionals working with people living with dementia
    This workshop will
  • Focus on building workforce capacity in understanding the concepts of intimacy, sexuality and sexual behaviours, and expression of various types of sexuality (i.e. heterosexual and LGBTI)
  • Discuss the benefits and barriers to expression of sexuality
  • Consider the roles and responsibilities of health care professionals, and ethical considerations.

Cindy Jones
Dr Cindy Jones

Associate Professor

Dr. Cindy Jones is an experienced health researcher with a primarily focus on social and behavioural science research relating to older people, particularly the alleviation of behavioural and psychological symptoms in people living with dementia.

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