trauma informed care
Webinar: Delivering safe and accessible care for survivors of psychologically traumatic events

April 13, 2022
Online (Zoom)


An introduction to trauma-informed dementia care

More than 70 percent of people have experience a psychologically traumatic event. The effects of these events can continue into late life, and the onset of dementia can interact with trauma-related needs in important ways.

In this webinar, Dr Monica Cations will provide practical advice on how to deliver safe and accessible care for people with dementia who have experienced traumatic events. You'll learn about the wide-ranging effects of psychological trauma in older adulthood and be introduced to trauma-informed care.


  • Appreciate the lifelong effects of experiencing psychological trauma and how these effects can interact with dementia to influence experiences and behaviour
  • Understand the key principles of trauma-informed care and how these can be incorporated into dementia care
  • Gain practical skills to deliver safe and accessible care to older people and people with dementia who have experience psychological trauma.


Wednesday 13 April 2022


  • 12:00–1:00pm WA
  • 1:30–2:30pm SA/NT
  • 2:00-3:00pm NSW/VIC/QLD/TAS/ACT

Webinar hosted via Zoom


Funded by the Australian Government.


A Certificate of Attendance will be provided to attendees in the days following the event.


dr monica cations
Dr Monica Cations

Senior Research Fellow, Flinders University

Monica Cations is a registered psychologist and epidemiologist who has worked in the fields of ageing, aged care, and dementia many years. Her research is translational with a focus on psychological wellbeing in aged care environments and older survivors of traumatic events.

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