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How to limit the use of
antipsychotic medication

With the growing awareness around medication use in people living with dementia, including inappropriate use and overuse, we provide education and support to help you better understand antipsychotic medications.

We aim to help you reduce the use of medications that may be ineffective and dangerous, and explore non-medication approaches.

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We work with organisations to provide dementia specific education and training

Fellowship Programs

We work with organisations on coaching partnerships. We will work closely with workplace leaders and change agents at your organisation to develop their leadership skills and facilitate knowledge transfer to create real, sustainable practice change within an organisation.

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Tailored Training Packages (TTPs)

Looking to improve the overall wellbeing of people living with dementia at your organisation, as well as your care team? We’ll partner with you on a TTP to create sustainable change at your workplace.

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Practical tools and resources to help you limit the use of antipsychotic medications

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