How we use your feedback

As a Government Funded initiative, Dementia Training Australia (DTA) provides resources for health professionals and aged care workforce caring for people with dementia.

Feedback and survey responses from people who use DTA resources is routinely collected and collated to guide the delivery of training,  to assess how helpful DTA resources are, and to contribute to the development of future training.

Will my responses be identified?

Your feedback is anonymous. No individual person or work organisation will be identifiable.

Will reports based on the feedback be made public?

Information collected by the DTA may be published in ways which do not identify you or your organisation. As part of a funding agreement, the DTA provide regular reports using grouped data to the Australian Government about the national client base accessing DTA resources. In the future, this feedback may be collated for publicly available reports and peer-reviewed publication, e.g. journals and conference presentations. The general use of participant feedback in these future ways is currently subject to the review and approval of the Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of Wollongong, NSW (DTA consortium lead site, and national co-ordinator of this feedback platform and data management). The feedback includes handover of materials and data from Dementia Training Study Centres (decommissioned and transitioned to DTA).

Where is the consent form?

You do not need to sign a consent form. Your participation in an anonymous feedback survey indicates your consent for your responses to be collected and used in the ways described above.

If I participate and then change my mind – can you delete my feedback?

In an anonymous survey it is not possible to track and delete individual responses.

Who can I contact?

Dementia Training Australia,
University of Wollongong, NSW

Jacqui Watts
P (02) 4221 5555

If you have a concern or complaint about this feedback process, please contact:

Human Research Ethics Committee,
University of Wollongong, NSW
quote project reference number 2017/585:
P (02) 4221 3386