February 7, 2017

Improving Dementia Education And Awareness (IDEA)

dementia online working on laptop

A website, suitable for care workers, health professionals and family carers, linking to free online resources

A website resource from The University of Nottingham. Suitable for care workers, health professionals and family carers.

It links to a range of audiovisual and text material, and includes free online courses, the Dementia Day-to-Day blog where authors talk about their experience of dementia, resources and a selection of dementia news from around the world.

What’s included?

  • Self-care for direct care workers in dementia.
  • Dementia care and awareness.
  • Coping skills for families and carers.
  • Designing space for dementia care.
  • Understanding and managing challenging behaviour.
  • Challenging stigma, myths and stereotypes.

Website users will need to register for full access to all the resources. Some of those on offer are:

A handy checklist lets you filter information on the website by topic, the user’s role, resource type and even how much time you have to view a resource.

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