August 2, 2021

Introducing DTA’s latest resource: the AJDC Read and Quiz series

Front covers of two issues of AJDC

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) is now offering learners the opportunity to benefit from the great content in the Australian Journal of Dementia Care (AJDC), in its new ‘AJDC Read and Quiz’ module series.

Follow this link:

Topics include:

  • Decision-making in dementia care
  • Death and dying in dementia care
  • Supporting meaningful activity in hospital
  • Working alongside family carers to support people living with dementia
  • Rethinking rural dementia care – during COVID-19 lockdowns

These modules each take just 30 minutes or so to complete, with each module focusing on one article from AJDC.

Learners are asked to first read – or if they prefer, listen to an audio recording of – an AJDC article and then answer 3 short true or false questions and a reflective question about their practice. Links to relevant resources are provided also for further reading.

The modules can be undertaken in any order. Learners receive a certificate at completion of each module, which can be used as evidence of continuing professional development (CPD).

More modules will be added over coming months.

Australia’s only dementia-specific publication, the Australian Journal of Dementia Care, is a key resource for health and aged care staff wanting to learn about the latest news, research and good practice developments in dementia care.

DTA manages the AJDC, a quarterly multidisciplinary journal, which is published by the University of Wollongong.

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