September 25, 2017

National dementia storytelling competition

story telling competitioin

Storytelling competition to explore supporting people with dementia.

Australia’s undergraduate students are being asked how they, as individual practitioners or within their profession, can contribute to caring for people with dementia, as part of a national storytelling competition.

Come 4 December, competition organisers Dementia Training Australia (DTA) will ask undergraduate students to tell a story in a medium of their choice addressing the topic, ‘A salutogenic approach to caring for people living with dementia: how my discipline can support a life that is manageable, understandable and meaningful’.

Salutogenesis stems from the Latin word for health, salus, and a Greek word meaning source, genesis. DTA said salutogenesis, or sources of health, focuses on factors that support health and wellbeing, shifting away from a more traditional, pathogenic focus on risk and problems.

Entries in the 2017 National Dementia Storytelling Competition will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Compelling storytelling in chosen media
  • Demonstrated understanding of salutogenesis
  • Clear interpretation of complex subject matter
  • Content and context – the extent to which the story can be applied to dementia care
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