06 Dec 2017

Building capacity in responsive care


A staff training program to help residential aged care organisations address and reduce dementia related responsive behaviours.

DTA currently uses different terms for behaviour. We will be progressively moving to the term Changed Behaviour in all our content.

One of the most pressing issues in the care of people living with dementia is that of behavioural changes associated with multiple and complex factors.

Of equal importance are the legibility and comfort of the person’s physical environment, the effects of psychotropic medications they have been prescribed, the extent to which their expressed preferences and needs are well understood and met, and the way that staff and family involved with the person relate to them.

These factors include, for example, those related to the progression of dementia, such as changes in the ability of the person to adequately express their own thoughts and feelings.

Extract from

Australian Journal of dementia care (AJDC)


Elizabeth Beattie


27 November, 2017 Read full article



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