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How allied health can help

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Explore some practical examples of how people with dementia may be supported in making decisions, and how staying involved with family and friends can make a big difference when it comes to supported decision-making.

Suitable for people working in:

Mixed , Community Care , Primary Care , Residential Care

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AJDC Read and Quiz series

How allied health can help

How allied health can help

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module you should be able to:

  • Describe examples of practical strategies recommended by allied health professionals and show how these are tailored to the individual needs and situation of the person living with dementia and their support network
  • Explain how allied health professionals need to work closely alongside family carers to develop strategies that can be put into practice in day-to-day living, reliably and regularly
  • Argue the case for why and how people living with dementia can benefit enormously from the involvement of allied health professionals, and should not be denied access to reablement opportunities because of their dementia diagnosis

Continuing Professional Education

A completion certificate for CPD credit is awarded upon successful completion of this module.


Thank you to:

  • Kerry Schelks (AJDC Managing Editor) for her role in preparing and publishing the original AJDC article
  • AJDC article authors Dr Clair Langford, Lilliana Barone, Donna Horan and Penny Steele for reviewing the module
  • DTA staff for reviewing the module

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