Advancing Online Dementia Training

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Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 7

The CARES®-University of Minnesota Partnership: Advancing Online Dementia Training Approaches

For the past 10 years, HealthCare Interactive, Inc.® has collaborated with the University of Minnesota in the design and preliminary evaluation of its suite of online dementia training modules for family members and various professionals.

Based on the CARES® approach (C – Connect with the Person; A – Assess Behavior; R – Respond Appropriately; E – Evaluate What Works; S – Share with Others), HealthCare Interactive has developed a dementia training certification program and has disseminated a number of online training courses to enhance person-centered dementia care. This presentation will focus on the basics of the various CARES® modules, how they are delivered in an online environment, and research that has examined the potential benefits (and drawbacks) of this training.


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Professor Joseph E Gaugler

Joseph E. Gaugler, PhD is Long-Term Care Professor in the School of Nursing and Center on Aging at The University of Minnesota.

Dr. Gaugler’s research examines the sources and effectiveness of long-term care for chronically disabled older adults. An applied gerontologist, Dr. Gaugler’s interests include Alzheimer’s disease and long-term care, the longitudinal ramifications of family care for persons with dementia and other chronic conditions, and the effectiveness of community-based and psychosocial services for persons with dementia and their caregiving families. Underpinning these substantive areas, Dr. Gaugler also has interests in longitudinal and mixed methods. Dr. Gaugler was Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Applied Gerontology (2011-2017) and currently serves on the editorial boards of Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences; Journals of Gerontology: Social Sciences, and Psychology and Aging. He was awarded the 2003 Springer Early Career Achievement Award in Adult Development and Aging Research, the 2011 M. Powell Lawton Distinguished Contribution Award for Applied Gerontology from the American Psychological Association (Division 20: Adult Development and Aging), the 2011 Dean’s Award from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing, and the 2015 Gordon Streib Distinguished Academic Gerontologist Award from the Southern Gerontological Society. He is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America and the American Psychological Association.



  • Review the CARES® model and examples of the online training modules;
  • Summarize the HCI-UMN collaboration and the results of several feasibility/utility studies; and
  • Discuss next steps in the partnership.


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