Caring for Cognitive Impairment in ED

Type: Video 1 hr 3 mins

This lecture will addresses the challenges that hospital staff face when older people with cognitive impairment (dementia, delirium) present to emergency departments.

It will explore the scientific evidence how to best care for older people with cognitive impairment in the ED setting. Topics that will be explored are ED care processes and structures concerning assessment of cognition, recognising and managing delirium, delirium prevention, pain assessment, managing responsive behaviours, involving carers of people with cognitive impairment in care plans


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Doctor Linda Schnitker

Dr Linda Schnitker is a lecturer at Queensland University of Technology, School of Nursing.

Linda completed her Doctor of Philosophy Program at The University of Queensland in 2015. She developed quality indicators specifically for the care of older people with cognitive impairment in emergency departments. Since completing the program, she is dedicated to improve care quality for this vulnerable emergency department population. Her research interests include geriatric emergency nursing, dementia, delirium, and quality improvement.



  • Understand and identify responsive behaviours
  • Develop understanding of non-pharmacological interventions to address responsive behaviours
  • Enhance awareness regarding responsive behaviours, quality of life and activities


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