Dementia Care in the 21st Century

Type: Video 54 mins

In this webinar, Dr Davis explores the tensions between the lived experience of people with dementia and the institutional dominance dictating the goals of dementia care.

It looks at our tacit agreement with the way things are in dementia care, with particular attention to the language we use to talk about people with dementia in the care context. It also addresses why governments and care organisations have been so slow to adopt different perspectives that meet the needs of people with dementia, in the community and residential aged care setting


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Associate Professor Sam Davis

Dr Sam Davis is a Social Gerontologist and experienced researcher. In the UK she held fellowships at the University of Aberdeen and Sussex University and was a member of the Centre for Gerontology,

Keele University until 1997. In Australian, Sam has held positions with the Centre for Ageing Studies (Flinders University), the Centre for Applied Gerontology at the Northern Health Service in Melbourne and Monash University, and for the last 8 years, Head of Department, Applied Gerontology, Flinders University. She has presented at national and international conferences on person-centred care, enabling environments, dementia care and culture change. Dr Davis has received more than four million dollars in funding over the past six years. Her most recent project was to provide dementia care education and resources to the staff and management of all residential aged care homes across Australia – known as the Dementia Dynamics Toolkit.



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