Dementia in primary care: Carer, legal and end of life issues

Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 1 2 3

carer and person with dementia legal and end of life issues

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Coordination of care between the patient, their carer and their family is vital to providing effective end-of-life care in people with dementia.

This education explores support and education for carers of people with dementia, as well as end-of-life issues such as legal processes, palliative care and community support.


By completing this learning activity, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand the importance of carer issues in managing dementia.
  • Discuss decision making, capacity and legal issues.
  • Appropriately manage distress, pain and palliation in dementia.
  • Describe the role of practice and community nurses and of community education.
  • Ensure patient and carer safety by knowing who to call for help, with regard to community services and support and referral pathways.

DURATION: 1 hour

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