Empowering in palliative care

Type: Video 1 hr
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 1

Palliative care is commonly thought of as ‘terminal care’.

The Metropolitan Palliative Care Consultancy Service strives to build capacity and confidence in staff around palliative care issues at all stages of end of life. Ed Gaudoin will be presenting this Guest Lecture and  has a 15-year history of working in Consultative Nursing Palliative Care positions across the acute, hospice, community and residential aged care sectors.


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Ed Gaudoin

Clinical Nurse Manager, Metropolitan Palliative Care Consultancy Service



  • Use a case study to discuss the growing need of palliative earlier rather than later in a person’s life
  • Discuss the importance of early identification of a deteriorating resident and review a number of available assessment tools
  • Discuss the importance of advance care planning to prevent unnecessary stressors to all care givers


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