Environment Activity Cards – Ideas to spark conversation at work

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The DTA Environment Activity Cards aim to spark conversations among staff, residents and visitors about residential aged care and retirement living buildings. They ask you to consider what makes someone feel that a place is their home, and what gets in the way of being able to function well.

Each series of activity cards addresses a single issue, and provides a range of suggestions about how to create a supportive environment. For example, how can we avoid unnecessary noise, glare and clutter? What makes it easier for a resident to find their way around a building? Are there ways of helping someone to know where they are in a building?

Each individual activity card suggests changes you can make to improve residents’ quality of life.

Download the Activity Cards

Series 1: Ideas to spark conversation at work for life in COVID-19 timesPDF | File size: 3.3MB

Series 2: How we can make a building feel more familiar to the people who call it home File size: 550kb

Series 3: Hiding unimportant things, emphasising important thingsPDF | File size: 2 MB

Series 4 : Managing riskPDF | File size: 2.2MB


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