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Environmental Assessment Tool (EAT) – Handbook

Type: Handbook
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 5

This handbook assists users of the Environmental Assessment Tool (EAT) to systematically review and create better environments for people living with dementia.


The EAT was first published by NSW Health in 2003 as the Environmental Audit Tool. It is organised around a number of key design principles.

There are four parts in the handbook:

  • Part 1 ‘Key Design Principles’ contains a description of key design principles.
  • Part 2 ‘The Environmental Assessment Tool’ introduces the EAT and provides directions for its use.
  • Part 3 ‘Using the Spreadsheet’ contains a guide to scoring the EAT and showing the results graphically.
  • Part 4 ‘Applying the Principles’ provides information about the questions contained in the EAT and outlines design considerations for each of the questions.
Handbook 3PDF | File size: 3MB


Our free BEAT-D App (Built Environment Assessment Tool – Dementia) will guide you through an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of buildings used to accommodate people with dementia.

Download App File size: 17MB


This handbook consists of a suite of 7 resources. Access the individual resources below:


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