Falls in People Living with Dementia and MCI

Type: Video 40 mins
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 3

Mild cognitive impairment

Older people living with dementia fall more frequently than those without cognitive impairments. A fall can have a profound effect on a person. How can we help to prevent falls in our older population?

Research has shown that a combination of education and exercise may be key in helping to prevent falls.

Join Elissa Burton, Senior Research Fellow, Curtin University as she talks about the important correlation between exercise and falls. Elissa will educate us as to how can we assist our older population to remain on their feet for longer.


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Elissa Burton

Elissa is a Senior Research Fellow at the School of Physiotherapy & Exercise Science, working in the areas of Healthy Ageing, Falls Prevention, Dementia and Exercise for Older People, particularly those receiving home care services. She was awarded an NHMRC Investigator Grant for 2020-2024 and will be working to improve the lives of people living with mild cognitive impairment.



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