Hope and Deeply Forgetful People

Type: Video 50 mins
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 3 1

Hope in the context of deeply forgetful individuals and their carers is in large part found in an openness to surprises with regard to indicators of continuing self-identity, many of which are sporadic but all of which are deeply meaningful because they demonstrate that despite degrees of deep forgetfulness there is still more beneath the surface than meets the eye, or than many are willing to acknowledge.

We can affirm a theory of continuing identity and related moral status that breaks through the limits and prejudices of “hypercognitive values.”  We will draw on cases studies to cover at least some of the twelve aspects to the enduring self under conditions of deep forgetfulness.




  • Enhance caregiver recognition of and appreciation for expressions of continuing self-identity in deeply forgetful people
  • Improve caregiver insights into how to elicit such expressions
  • Reflect on hopes, being open to surprises, and the ethics of a shared humanity regardless of deep forgetfulness


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