How dementia affects the brain and the person

Type: Video 23 mins
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 1 3

This video resource from Dementia Training Australia (DTA) was launched at the end of 2016 for carers, families and people with dementia to help them understand what a diagnosis of dementia means, how dementia progresses, some of its most common forms, how the brain works and how dementia changes the brain.

It is an updated version of the highly successful Understanding Brain and Behaviour that was first produced in 2004 by Dementia Australia NSW and has since been the most requested resource for families and carers through Dementia Australia’s libraries.

More Information About The Video

Developed in collaboration with Dementia Australia Victoria, this presentation discusses how the brain works and the relationship between physiological damage to the brain caused by dementia and the changes experienced by people living with dementia.

By understanding some of the relationships between the brain and behaviour we can better support people living with dementia in improving their quality of life.

Topics Covered

  • What is dementia?
  • How the brain works
  • Parts of the brain
    ● Frontal lobes
    ● Temporal lobes
    ● Parietal lobes
    ● Occipital lobes
    ● Limbic system
    ● Brain stem and cerebellum


The video is also suitable for use in training programs for staff working in residential care, community care and acute health services. DTA will distribute the DVD through its workshops, tailored training packages and to education staff within organisations seeking to incorporate it into their education programs.


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Watch video File size: 1.12 GB

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