Integrating Person Centred Care: From the Individual to the Organisation

Type: Video 54 mins

In this presentation Assoc Prof Christine Brown Wilson takes you through how organisations might reflect person centred care within their organisation; what enables relationships to be developed and how these might be facilitated throughout organisations; and evidence based case studies providing practical strategies that have worked for different organisations.

This presentation was originally developed and distributed using the resources and partnership networks of the Dementia Training Study Centres (DTSCs) of Australia. The DTSCs concluded operations in 2016. Ownership of this presentation has been transferred to Dementia Training Australia (DTA). This video can be watched only via the link below.


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Associate Professor Christine Brown Wilson

Professor Christine Brown Wilson is a Registered Nurse with an international research profile in Ageing and Dementia focusing on translating research into residential aged care and family caregiving in the community.

Christine’s methodological expertise lies in qualitative methodologies including working collaboratively with older people, including people with dementia, their families and staff to improve practice. She has established links with industry and service user organisations in the UK enabling older people, family caregivers and staff to be active participants in the research process. Christine is currently working with interdisicplinary research teams in Australia , UK and Europe. Christine is passionate about translating research into practice and works with collaeagues across the Higher Education sector and in practice to achieve this. Her current work is focussing on the development of educational, online resources to support staff in residential care with sexuality and intimacy and promotiong effective end of life care involving family caregivers. Christine supports organisations and teams in changing practice through quality improvement workshops and developing relationship centered services in dementia care both in the UK and Singapore. Through this process, Christine has developed relationship based strategies that can be embedded at all levels of an organisation including a facilitated model of practice development that supports staff in identifying practical strategies to implement person centred care.



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