Maintaining continence in people with dementia

Type: Video 58 mins
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 3

Preventing, treating and managing bladder and/or bowel issues in those living with dementia.

‘Bladder and Bowel Health Australia’ aims to raise the awareness of bladder and bowel problems in the Western Australian community through the provision of advice, information and education.

Dee Sutcliffe is a Registered Nurse and Continence Advisor who has spent the past 20 years working with people with bladder and bowel issues. Dee is passionate about continence and working alongside clients to help them achieve their goals.


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Dee Sutcliffe

Education and Training Manager, Bladder and Bowel Health Australia

Dee is a qualified continence nurse advisor who has dedicated over twenty years to working tirelessly to promote good bladder and bowel health, prevent incontinence where possible and provide people with hope and options for management and treatment. Dee has a down to earth and professional manner. She delivers education and training that addresses practical issues and provides strategies to assist staff when dealing with clients with bladder and bowel health issues including incontinence. Dee has experience of working in the community, residential care facilities, hospitals and continence clinics.



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