Nutrition Challenges Associated with Dementia

Type: Video 1 hr
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 3

Improving the health and wellness of people living with dementia through diet.

‘Leading Nutrition’ provide practical solutions to encourage optimum nutrition for people progressing through the stages of dementia.

Julie Glyde, a Consultant Dietitian with ‘Leading Nutrition’ delivers quality nutrition services across Australia to help support people living with dementia address the challenges they may face so they can continue to enjoy the experience of eating.

Addressing nutritional challenges in dementia care may adversely affect dental health unintentionally. For more information please discuss with a dental health professional.


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Julie Glyde

Consultant Dietitian, Leading Nutrition-The Dietitian Centre



  • Discuss the importance of nutrition in people living with dementia
  • Provide practical solutions to encourage optimum nutrition as a person progresses through the stages of dementia
  • Present a case study that illustrates how nutrition can be optimised in advanced dementia by focusing on the individual rather than the disease


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