Pain Control in People Living with Dementia

Type: Video 45 mins
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 3

Pain is common among the elderly and this is also true for people with dementia. Everyone experiences pain differently and dementia impairs the ability to describe symptoms. This can result in under-treatment of pain and reduced quality of life.

This presentation explores the challenges of pain management in people living with dementia, reviews tools for assessing pain, discusses pain management strategies and recommends an approach for assessing and treating pain.


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Penelope Tuffin

Advanced Practice Pharmacist, Palliative Care and Pain Management, Royal Perth Bentley Group, Fiona Stanley and Bethesda Hospitals



The presentation will cover the epidemiology, clinical assessment and management of dementia in general with a specific focus on depression and behavioural symptoms that commonly occur during the course of the illness

This presentation:

  • Describes the challenges of pain management
  • Reviews the available tools for assessing pain
  • Discusses various pain management strategies
  • Recommends an approach for assessing and treating pain in patients with dementia


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