Thinking of Environments Differently

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The third in series of three webinars exploring how a family home can be bolstered to reduce the burden of dementia, what moving house might mean, and how a new home can still be supportive. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has recommended an industry-wide shift to small household models of accommodation.

Part of this is a change in “bricks and mortar,” but a group home is grounded in the social life of the people living there. This webinar, delivered on 3 November 2021, Tamar Krebs discussed her ground-breaking work, establishing community-based group homes and what it takes to make them work – talking about both the social/operational approach needed the create supportive small-scale environments and elements of staff training required to support the transition to a home-based model of care.


This webinar will introduce:

  • the social and operational approach needed to create a supportive, small-scale group home
  • elements of staff training required to transition from institutional care to home-based models
  • what is required in the physical environment to make a group home succeed

Suitable for:
Health care, design and property professionals working in community and residential settings

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Tamar Krebs

Founder & Executive Director, Group Homes Australia
Tamar Krebs is all about doing dementia differently. In 2011, Tamar founded Group Homes Australia, an innovative dementia and ageing small scale model. She attended 62 meetings, 38 presentations, was rejected 37 times before she found the right people to support her vision. For the past 24 years, Tamar, Registered Nurse holds qualifications such as Master of Health Service Management, Specialising in gerontology, and various certificates in the study of Dementia. She is recognised as a person that understands human needs of those living beyond a diagnosis of dementia. Tamar is a sought-out keynote speaker, panellist, and media commentator.
In 2021, Tamar Krebs moved from Co-CEO of Group Homes Australia to executive director with a continued focus on disrupting the industry of dementia care, workforce, and innovation to ensure even more lives can flourish.

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