DTA currently uses different terms for behaviour. We will be progressively moving to the term Changed Behaviour in all our content.

Responsive behaviours

Our consultancy service is designed to help staff better understand the causes of responsive behaviours (also known as BPSD) and to find ways to avoid or reduce them.

  • Small-group online training
  • Access to resources
  • Support for practice change
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The Responsive Behaviours Consultancy may help your organisation meet the Aged Care Quality Standards: Standard 3

This consultancy is offered to residential aged care organisations and facilities as a component of a DTA Tailored Training Program.

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responsive behaviours

About the service

We aim to assist organisations create a capacity building education framework around reducing and addressing dementia-related responsive behaviours.

This can help ensure staff are trained to provide care in a way that meets the spoken and unspoken needs of residents.

The RB consultancy can complement the services provided by Dementia Support Australia (DSA) through facilitating sustainable facility-wide changes in practice.

* In consideration of ongoing discussion on language and terminology in the dementia community, DTA uses the term ‘responsive behaviours’ rather than Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD).

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What’s included

The 4 components of the Responsive Behaviours Consultancy include:

  • 1
    Assessment of your organisation’s policies and staff’s dementia knowledge. Self assessment of person centered care policies and practices within your organisation.
  • 2
    Delivery of our Lead and Learn education program including presentations delivered by clinical topic experts
  • 3
    Support and mentoring sessions
  • 4
    Follow-up and review
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