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Dr Marita Long

GP Educator,
Dementia Training Australia


Dr Marita Long

Marita's role at Dementia Training Australia

Dr Marita Long is a GP currently working in Melbourne. She has a special interest in women’s health, dementia and medical education so working for DTA has been a great opportunity to combine all areas of interest into one. Marita has been working with DTA for 8 years now and has been involved with various projects across DTA but most of her work has been has been in the area of developing and delivering education programs to GP’s across Australia.

Most recently she and the DTA GP education team have dipped their toes into the podcast space and have been pleasantly surprised at how much fun it has been and also how many people have listened to the podcast. Marita is passionate about raising awareness of dementia and improving the care of people living with dementia and their families/carers.

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