Meet our Team

Merrin Lewis

Project Officer,
Dementia Training Australia

University of Wollongong


Merrin Lewis

What you do at DTA

Support the data team in data collation for reporting KPI’s to the Department of Health.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Working towards improving the health of people affected by Dementia. Helping to close the divide!

How would your colleagues describe you?

I’m not sure. How would they??

What’s a usual ‘day in the office’ like for you?

Coffee first, then working away with the team… oh and the occasional giggle!!!

What’s your favourite font and why?

Bold! I like to be bold!!

Something on your bucket list that you’d care to share?

There’s so many… Do we have time? Ummm…, Galapogas Islands, Climbing Kilimanjaro, Anzac day at Gallipoli….

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