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Michael Moriarty

Information Systems Development,
Dementia Training Australia

University of Wollongong

Byron Bay

Michael Moriarty

What you do at DTA

I look after the online environment, making sure tech works as smoothly as possible.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I like the challenge of problem solving and working with an enthusiastic team of creative people. I also like to think that the digital assets we are providing make a difference to the lives of people caring for, or living with dementia.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Calm and collected and perhaps a little bit of a nerd or maybe someone who needs to get out more.

What’s a usual ‘day in the office’ like for you?

Our team is task orientated and we collaborate online a lot. So quite a few video meets, brain storming how to improve the end user experience and ensuring the technology doesn't get in the way of the learning. Most days include some coding and lots of cups of tea.

What’s your favourite font and why?

Can I only pick one? I am definitely a Sans Serif type of guy, so Verdana and Helvetica are good staples. I am quite partial to Open Sans and love custom typography. Have I said too much?

Something on your bucket list that you’d care to share?

I'd love to walk the Routeburn Track on the South Island of New Zealand if we are ever allowed to leave the house again.

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