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Sarah Stratton

Project Officer,
Dementia Training Australia

University of Wollongong


Sarah Stratton

What you do at DTA

I currently work on the National Dementia Education Standards and Framework project. My role encompasses supporting, developing and delivering on various aspects of the project from launch to its fruition in a fast paced, dynamic and sometimes more than reflexive environment! Improving and streamlining processes to make our day to day operations easier for everyone adds an extra layer to my project officer role.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

My favourite part of my job is that every day brings a new challenge and an opportunity to gain knowledge from the amazing and diverse team around me. It’s also knowing that what we do here at DTA ultimately helps those living with dementia, those that care for them and the sector and community in general, is all the motivation I need to come to work with a smile on my face each and every day! Did I mention the fabulous people I have the privilege to work with, not just in CCU but across our consortium.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Hmmm… I think they would say that I’m happy and friendly and always willing to help in any way I can.  Hopefully I’m a delight to work with! Haha

What’s a usual ‘day in the office’ like for you?

A usual day in the office is one that is never really what I would call usual! Every day is different from the one before it as will the next one be!!

What’s your favourite font and why?

My favourite font is Calibri. I think it look professional without being as traumatic as Times New Roman… it reminds me of writing copious essays! Apologies to anyone who has a passion for Times New Roman… don’t hold it against me!

Something on your bucket list that you’d care to share?

It’s always been a dream of mine to follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great as he sailed from Greece to conquer Persia and then on to what was the unknown! Just walking the path.. literally! Having my own adventure without the crowds, appreciating the wonder of the world along the way!  

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