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Terri Preece

Senior Environments Consultant,
Dementia Training Australia

University of Wollongong


Terri Preece

Terri's role at Dementia Training Australia

Terri brings operational design expertise to the team through experience both in senior government positions and private facility management. She is a UK Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC)Design Associate for Australia.

Terri has carried out research and translated design principles into audit tools and guidelines, such as the DTA dementia-friendly community assessment tool.

She has attended many conferences overseas and undertaken a number of study tours, visiting environments for older people in the United States, Netherlands and the UK.

Terri loves following up on the design education, dropping in to discuss progress and ideas with staff as they apply the key design principles.

“It is great to go back and instead of seeing an uninviting entry dominated by clinical notices, to arrive and find a personalised door that reflects the environment within, and a welcoming sign with the unit name”.
Terri is also a strong advocate for Universal Design and as a member of the Australian Network for Universal Housing Design (ANUHD) she believes dementia friendly design is inclusive design and is friendly for everyone.

What you do at DTA

I'm a Senior Environments Consultant

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Visiting facilities before and after education to see the results and how the principles of design have been interpreted

How would your colleagues describe you?

The gambler

What’s a usual 'day in the office' like for you?

 Being on the road in great Australian rural landscapes

What’s your favourite font and why?

Arial sentence-case with closed ‘@‘ dementia-friendly

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