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Desert Rose House to bloom in Dubai

17 Aug 2018
Official opening of Australia’s first dementia-friendly, net-zero energy house, based on Dementia Training Australia design principles.
Desert Rose House, UOW

DTA case study profiled at ADI conference in Chicago

31 Jul 2018
A case study on Dementia Training Australia’s work with Scalabrini Village is profiled in the program Every Three Seconds, launched at the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference in Chicago on Saturday.
Every three seconds, Dementia documentary features DTA

A home for all ages

12 Dec 2017
Construction has started on a house set to change how older people live, underpinned by a set of design principles developed by DTA Executive Director, Professor Richard Fleming.
a home for all ages

The Virtual Forest

02 Feb 2017
The Virtual Forest™ is a screen-projected game for people living with dementia. The virtual environment is designed to be calming and relaxing.
virtual forest dementia care

Our Hearts Are Bigger

01 Feb 2017
A short film produced by filmmaker Andrew Ferguson as part of Celebrate Ageing’ s Letters of Love and Dementia Campaign
love letters wrapped in a ribbon

The Dementia-Friendly Home App

19 Jun 2016
An app that recommends practical changes carers can make in the home to assist the person living with dementia.
the dementia friendly home app dementia australia ajdc

Design For An Ageing Population

01 Jun 2016
A compilation of knowledge from architects, other built environment professionals and researchers about design for older people, including people with dementia.
design for an ageing population concept drawing dementia