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Music & Memory

26 Aug 2018
A program which uses personalised music playlists to help individuals living with dementia, chronic cognitive and physical impairments to reconnect with family, friends and carers.
Music and Memory Program Dementia

Monday To Friday

02 Feb 2017
A composer and PhD student has released 20 classical music tracks specifically for people with dementia.
Composer Cyrus Meurant sitting down at a piano

Giving Voice Chorus

01 Feb 2017
Giving Voice Chorus is a choir program for people with dementia and their care partners.
giving voice chorus dementia choir music therapy

Dementia In My Family

31 Jul 2016
Children impacted by dementia in their family can find information and support on this interactive website designed specifically for them by Dementia Australia/VIC.
family group photo dementia effect on children

ReThink Respite

19 Jun 2016
ReThink Respite provides a portal of information and resources for carers and people living with dementia in Australia.
rethink respite logo

The Dementias Platform UK (DPUK)

18 Dec 2015
The DPUK is a resource for person-centred dementia research designed to fast-track scientific understanding, treatments and the prevention of the disease.
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