November 1, 2018

Taking the citizenship of people with dementia seriously

DTA Executive Director Richard Fleming writes in the Australian Ageing Agenda about the Village by Scalabrini, a new dementia friendly community that “marks the emergence of a new paradigm in Australia”.

Scalabrini’s newest facility marks the emergence of a new paradigm in Australia, writes Richard Fleming.

A few times in my career I’ve had the privilege of watching a building grow from an idea into a beautiful reality.

The Village by Scalabrini, opened by Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt in Sydney last month began with an idea, a tiny spark that was translated into a magnificent building through hard work and a clear vision.

It was the vision of former Scalabrini CEO Chris Rigby and carried forward by the current CEO Elaine Griffin and Scalabrini’s board of directors.

The Scalabrini vision for people living with dementia is full of life. It is about seeing the person living with dementia as a full person with rights and autonomy. A person who is worth getting to know and is worth serving.

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