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Changed Behaviour workshop

Building capacity in the aged care workforce to respond to Changed Behaviour in people living with dementia.

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Delirium is a serious medical condition producing sudden and often severe changes in a person’s mental function. A person typically has difficulty thinking clearly, maintaining focus or attention, and may appear confused or disorientated. Delirium needs to be recognised early and managed promptly.

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Assessing Pain for Direct Care Workers

This module will explore how to assess pain in people living with dementia who are not able to report their pain.

Online module

The Recognition of Pain for Direct Care Workers

This module provides an overview of pain and how to recognise pain in people with dementia who can’t tell us that they are in pain.

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Optimising Sleep

Learn about some specific strategies that nurses and carers can use to help older people in their care sleep better.

Online module

Assessing Sleep

Learn more about the risk factors for disturbed sleep and how to assess the timing and quality of an older person’s sleep.

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Understanding Sleep

Improve your understanding about the importance of sleep, the brain and sleep and the problems that can arise with poor or disrupted sleep.

Online course

Understand some of the issues older people have with their sleep, learn about the association between sleep and dementia and uncover ways that nurses and care workers can optimise sleep for those living in aged care.

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Develop your knowledge of how your role can support the deprescribing process for older people living with dementia.