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A collection of resources to help you get started.

On this page you will find:

  • Starter guides for your staff
  • Information for your organisation
  • Promotional resources

Welcome to the Tailored Training Program support page. Your organisation has signed up to a Tailored Training Program (TTP) with DTA. This page is for the key contact person in your organisation who is coordinating staff access to training. These resources have been designed to support you and your staff on getting started.

Starter guides for your staff

We’ve developed these instructional guides to assist your staff with setting up a DTA profile and accessing the training portal. Please distribute these resources to your staff by either emailing PDFs as attachments, adding guides to your LMS or print the guides and have available next to shared computers.

Staff can also find this information within the help desk on our website. Go to TTP Help desk

Guide 1

Create a DTA Acount

To access your TTP, each staff member must create a DTA account.

This guide will assist in this process.

Download PDF guide Watch instructional video

Guide 2

Enrol in your TTP

Follow these instructions to enrol in your TTP for the first time. Your staff are only required to enrol once.

Disclaimer: Your enrolment link and password is required.

Download PDF guide Watch instructional video

Guide 3

Accessing your TTP

This guide provides instructions for your staff who require assistance in accessing your TTP after they have already enrolled.

Download PDF guide Watch instructional video

Information for your organisation

We’ve developed these guides to provide your organisation with useful information related to managing your TTP. Please distribute these resources to the relevant personnel within your organisation such as the Learning & Development team, IT department and your TTP report managers.

Guide 1

About your TTP

This document has been compiled to provide your organisation with commonly requested information.

Guide 2

Information for your report manager

Please follow these instructions to access and export your TTP reports.

Promotional resources

To assist you in introducing your organisation to the TTP we have created a ‘Getting started with your TTP’ email template & a ‘Promote the program’ promotional poster. We recommend utilising these resources to help raise awareness and get your staff engaged in training.

Download email templatedocx | File size: 45 KB Download promotional posterPDF | File size: 817 KB

Contact us

If you need further assistance, please contact DTA via the Help button on our website or alternatively, please call us on 1300 229 092.

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