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A practical approach to diagnosing dementia in general practice

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This module presents an overview of dementia and describes a practical approach to support GPs in diagnosing dementia

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Primary Care , Acute Care

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Demystifying Dementia

A practical approach to diagnosing dementia in general practice

A practical approach to diagnosing dementia in general practice


This module has four sections:

  • 1
    Defining dementia
    • In this section definitions and general information about dementia are presented.
  • 2
    Diagnosing dementia
    • In this section Drs Koppe and Long present a practical approach to diagnosing dementia in general practice.
  • 3
    Offering the gift of the diagnosis
    • In this section strategies for giving the diagnosis are discussed.
  • 4
    Useful resources
    • In this section you will have access to dementia resources useful in general practice.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module you should be able to:

  • list the exclusion and exclusion criteria for dementia
  • describe the three stages of dementia.

Continuing Professional Education

Completion of this module provides 1 hour of professional education – a certificate of completion will be issued after satisfactory course completion which will include passing an online knowledge quiz


Lesson authors:

  • Dr Hilton Koppe MB BS MFM FRACGP
  • Dr Marita Long MB BS DCH FRACGP

This course was developed by the DTA GP education group and the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre. The contributions of the following people to this resource is acknowledged with gratitude:

  • Professor Andrew Robinson
  • Professor Dimity Pond

  • Dr Margaret Winbolt
  • Helen Douglas
  • Madalyn Dodds

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