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Dementia Training Australia

We offer dementia courses, practical resources and training packages that are easy to access and can help make a real difference in your workplace

A DTA training session delivered at our organisation gave us much valuable constructive advice on areas for improvement at our day centres and around clients’ homes.


Community Care

Love your courses. DTA have put together excellent and well-researched training. The best Personal Development training around.


Counsellor Psychologist

I work in a day surgery and come across people who have varying types of dementia. Thank you for a better understanding of dementia.



Working Together

DTA works closely with dementia service providers across Australia. By working together, as experts in the dementia field, we are able to achieve a better quality of care for people living with dementia by providing access to quality education, support for individuals and organisations and a variety of services.

Connecting dots, working together

Dementia Support Australia (DSA)

Dementia Support Australia provide a 24 hour helpline where trained consultants provide advice and recommendations to people who care for someone with dementia.

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Dementia Support Australia is a national service, supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund, which administers Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS) and Severe Behaviour Response Teams (SBRT).

DSA Consult individual cases on site (aged care home or home) to review the individual’s care plan and observe the patient and staff. After assessment, they will then suggest improvements within environment, setting, aspects of the care plan and, if needed, will refer the patient/carers to DTA for further education and support. In some cases, this can extend to a customised Tailored Training Package to provide ongoing and personalised support.

Dementia Training Australia (DTA)

Dementia Training Australia is funded by the Australian Government to deliver a national approach to education and training of the workforce who are supporting people living with dementia.

  DTA Approach

Utilising a national consortium model, DTA comprises teams from four universities and the national peak body for people living with dementia.

We offer a range of training resources, events, and online courses, with certification to support claims for continuing education.

Our web portal also hosts a wide catalogue of resources curated for the workforce in aged, community, primary and acute care – including handbooks, tools, and apps.

Dementia Australia

Dementia Australia is the national peak body for people of all ages living with all forms of dementia, their families and their carers.

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DA works with individuals and families, all levels of government, and other key stakeholders to ensure people of all ages with all types of dementia, as well as their families and carers, are appropriately supported – at work, at home (including residential aged care), or in their local community.

Dementia Australia has developed resources to assist all Australians to get a better understanding of what they can do to contribute to a dementia-friendly nation.

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